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  TIMELINE FOR INHERITANCE TRANSFER PROCESS customized for decedent's Date of Death and State*
get this objective plan after the funeral and before hiring an estate attorney to
(i) avoid misunderstandings and delays (ii) help you integrate, manage and communicate (iii) save you money    
Variables: date of death:[4/2/2007]; decedent's primary residence:[New York]; fed estate value:[>$3.5million] DATES
1 Obtain 20 Certified Copies of Death Certificate from funeral home 4/5/2007 DONE
2 File extension to file decedent's 1040 and state income tax returns for year prior to death, if not filed yet 4/15/2007 DONE
3 Obtain Tax ID #s for the Estate and Grantor Revocable Trust and open trust, checking and MM accounts 4/30/2007 DONE
4 Obtain Letters Testamentary from Surrogate's Court in decedent's state and open estate account 5/31/2007 DONE
5 Marshal, inventory and Value all assets as of Date Of Death and 6th month alternate Valuation Date 10/2/2007 DONE
6 Determine and pay all debts and liabilities of the estate 10/3/2007 DONE
7 File Decedent's 1040 federal return and combined state-city return if applicable for prior year 10/15/2007 DONE
8 File extension to file 706 federal estate tax return and state estate tax return to
avoid amending returns based on 1040 filing and final liabilities collection and analysis.
Pay estimated estate tax to IRS and state tax authorities. 1/2/2008 DONE
9 File decedent 1040 and state income tax return for year of death timeframe 4/15/2008 DONE
10 File 706 federal and state estate tax returns and file asset list with Surrogate's Court. 7/2/2008 DONE
11 File 1041 and state fiduciary income tax return for period fiscal year starting with date of death
File election form 8852 to combine the income tax returns of the trust and the estate. 7/15/2008 DONE
12 Receive Closing Letter without audit requests from IRS and state tax authorities avoiding
time extensions, additional costs and final distribution delays. 12/31/2008 DONE
In light of worst financial and real estate crises since Great Depression, unmarketable condition of both
properties, expediency of getting cash out, and time drain fairness to both beneficiaries, here is an
effective recommendation. If Ken is willing to receive distribution of either BH or CV property, whichever
property he chooses, the estate avoids having to file 3rd year 1041 and IT-205 for FYE 3/31/10,
final accounting can be done and Estate can be completely settled and closed by 2/15/2009. 2/15/2009 REJECTED
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13 File 1041 and state fiduciary income tax return for estate and trust 2nd fiscal year or extension to file 7/15/2009 DONE
14 Extension to focus on selling real estate by year-end when no tax expected to be due on return 12/15/2009 DONE
15 Sale of Trust Real Estate Boca Raton Florida 7/24/2009 DONE
16 Sale of Probate Estate Real Estate Belle Harbor New York 12/11/2009 DONE
17 Decouple trust from probate estate fiduciary income tax return and end administration of Trust entity.
Trust terminates year end. 12/31/2009 DONE
18 Prepare Final Accounting for the estate to be sent to beneficiaries 3/20/2010
19 Prepare Receipt and Release to be signed by beneficiaries to be filed with Surrogate's Court 3/21/2010
20 Distribute balance of estate proceeds to beneficiaries 3/31/2010
21 Prepare & file final combined 1041 and state fiduciary return for Estate and Trust for final fiscal year 7/15/2010
through final distribution date
* Timeframes and estate filing threshholds may vary based on decedent's primary residence.
This plan is for a Federal estate value exceeding $3.5million, a NYS estate value exceeding $1million payable and estate taxes
payable within 9 months. Names and numbers are left out as a privacy precaution.
Intended for educational and informational purposes only, and not a substitute for legal and tax advice.
Contact your personal advisors with your specific circumstances.
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